composer – performer – sound designer

Dimitris Kamarotos is actively participating with music composition, music performance
and sound design in the exploratory approach of music dramaturgy in theater. His music oscilates
freely between instrumental – vocal and electroacoustic – acousmatic. He has collaborated many times with
Greek National Theater and the Greek Festival. He is co-founder and resident composer for the Theseum Ensemble.

Music for the Waves 12th Night last scene Theorima music for Lysistrata Theorima music for Lysistrata
2 songs from The Waves Archipel resounding Variations on Variations on Variations on Ibsen Sound_Flags LikeSweetBells Shadows Αποχώρηση Το Ψαράκι Ίρις Lullaby XIONI NoOneCured Infinity ΘΑΛΑΣΣΑ Dimitris Kamarotos Amalia Moutoussi Live @Theseum_Athens 2011 Trites Paralliles sound installation with scandic runes Ibsen scene Το τραπέζι - ένα τραγούδι από την παράσταση Η Νίκη- Εθνικό Θέατρο 2011 Levitation study1 The Waves - ending - part for whom this strange bell tolls The White_ending piano_from Dog Waltz_Piano part for the performance of Ouverture A song from the performance of Descent piano part from the performance of Blue Line_ A song from the performance of Asphodelus _ A song from the performance of Infinity _ a song from the performance Blind Hazet 2 Phaethon _ Short The Arrival short for Sladek Glissoid 11 - 2014  Gendy 3 (part) - for Computer - 1991 - by Iannis Xenakis Kiotza _Prova Faust_ending music Aeolian Electric Guitar from Faust Rehearsal SOLO Stage remnants_ after a reminder from Insenso performance Un Regard vers la Mer - music for AMPHITRYON INSENSO It's almost Alive2 Sagmatic&Root_dc Serpentine4 DC12 NoOneCured@ THESEUM _ Athens Snow_song for Hamletmachine performance in greek (Xioni) Amalia Moutoussi Nick Kyriazopoulos Dimitris Kamarotos Όνειρο καλοκαιρινής νύχτας, του Ουίλλιαμ Σαίξπηρ Dimitris Kamarotos /National Hymn in Seoul directed by Michael Marmarinos Dying as a Country by Michael Marmarinos Dimitris Kamarotos / Savina Yannatou-Goodby stories2 | studio19st Dimitris Kamarotos / Amalia Moutousi-Goodby stories3 Dimitris Kamarotos / Goodby stories1 | studio19st archives Dimitris Kamarotos / Theatre Music | studio19st archives Dimitris Kamarotos / Theatre Music | studio19st archives Dimitris Kamarotos / Theatre Music | studio19st archives